7 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is a key part of social media management. Sometimes, getting back to basics can offer a fresh perspective. Often even advanced users can forget this – you should make the very most of Twitter’s basic features so that you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities for engagement.

Here are seven straightforward tips for getting the very best results:

1. Understand how Twitter search results work.

Twitter will only search for tweets containing all the search terms used, as though there were an invisible “and” in between your keywords. To avoid this, use “or” in between your search terms, and Twitter will look for tweets containing any of those terms, not tweets containing all of them.

2. Use Twitter lists to group different people together.

So, for example, if you are organising a conference, you could have all the speakers in one group so you can interact with them specifically, and monitor their tweets.

3. Make sure videos and lists show up.

Having a photo boosts your chance of a retweet by more than a third, while adding a video boosts those odds by over a quarter. Twitter can also be integrated with video-sharing websites like YouTube and Vine.

4. Acknowledge wisely.

If you have a busy Twitter account or a big brand, favourite tweets as an acknowledgement for every mention you get. But beware. Twitter can suspend your account if it suspects you’re over-favouriting, and be wary of automatic favouriting programmes – you need to read the tweets first before you favourite them!

5. Reply to the right audience.

Not every tweet you send will appear in all your followers’ feeds. If you want to reduce numbers of people who can see a thread, begin replies with @username. This will only go to that person and common followers.

6. Retweet efficiently.

Remember users will be told their tweet has been retweeted, but can’t respond in any way unless they find the original tweet. It may be easier to copy and paste the original text placing RT at the start.

7. Try Analytics.

Use the new Analytics feature to measure engagement. You need to sign up for ads to be able to access this Twitter marketing feature, but can use it without buying any ads.

7 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Twitter Marketing - Lucy Lettersmith

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