A productive rant about Lego

A productive rant about Lego

I was barefoot when I stood on Lego. The culprit? A lone blue brick which had bedded down for the night, concealed from view amongst the silvery, oversized tassels of the rug that sprawls across my lounge floor. My scream (which awakened both the dog and the toddler) was a result of creeping around in the dark, having continued a copywriting project just a slither over to the wrong side of midnight. Work-life balance karma indeed.

Stepping on Lego in the dark can be a bit like blogging for your business. It’s potentially the same shock you’ll experience if you’re not engaging in it properly. Darkness represents the initial uncertainty (possibly lack of confidence – even fear) of the unknown: will blogging actually work?

Top questions people ask me are: What positive impacts could blogging offer my brand? How would I even begin to raise my business profile using it? Will it actually get me more customers?

Fact is, it’s businesses that blog that have far better marketing results. Not getting involved can seriously hinder the development of your brand’s digital profile. Specifically, the average company that blogs has:

Perhaps you’ve never started the process of blogging for your business and have no idea how to begin.

Maybe you’re scared about taking the plunge. What if you pitch it incorrectly, communicate your brand all wrongly and do lasting damage to your reputation that you’ll spend ages trying to repair?

It could be that you’ve got things underway with business blogging but have now reached a crossroads. Perhaps you’re time-strapped, in need of inspiration and/or seeking fresh writing ideas and an approach that will really move your brand’s engagement up a level.

All the reasons above are pretty much why I get hired as a blog writer for businesses.

Which is why, alongside my new ‘shop window’ website launch, I am thrilled to bring you Lucy Lettersmith: a brand new lifestyle blog.

I was originally going to devote my time to blogging about the Oxford comma, good grammar tips and gifting you guides to content marketing. I’m still going to include all those things over time – but, in-between them I shall be featuring posts on culture, beauty, fashion, travel, interiors, parenthood, plus fine (and not so fine if I’m cooking) dining…all the things that I balance alongside my working life and which represent the real ‘Lucy’. Fancy the journey? I hope it won’t be as painful as stepping on Lego. But please don’t tread on any upturned plug sockets whilst reading. They definitely take the top prize.



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