Blogging for your Business

Q. What maintains its interest in your brand?
A. Unique, frequently updated content.

Fact: Google gets bored staring at static websites. Done right, a business blog with watertight SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) places it in pole position against its competitors. Business blogging increases visitors to your website. Why are website visitors important? Because people increase brand awareness and convert to leads and sales.

How it Works

  • Step 1

    It’s time to tone up.
    Contact me and we’ll talk extensively about your business. I’ll immerse myself in your brand and gauge the language and tone of your business. This will inform all my written communications with your customers and allow me to speak really effectively as the voice of your brand.  We’ll also establish how many blog posts you’d like per month. Your level of input is completely up to you: either tell me what subjects you want covered, or I can independently develop a content schedule from scratch. If there are specific keywords and phrases that you’d like me to feature, just let me know.

  • Step 2

    I’ll write.
    Your blog posts will be engaging, well researched and aligned completely with the unique tone of your business. They’ll be accompanied by beautifully edited images that will give your content extra sparkle.

  • Step 3

    You’ll review.
    I’ll submit my initial draft online and you can request any necessary edits before the final sign-off.

  • Step 4

    I’ll nurture your creative content and upload it.
    Once approved, I’ll do all the online publishing on your blog. Each post of 400-800 words will be uploaded and fully optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) prior to going live online (so Google will fall in love with it, basically). This includes applying Meta tags and descriptions.

  • Step 5

    I love sharing.
    If I’m also in charge of managing your social media platforms, I’ll design the content marketing that promotes your blog post online via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+.

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