Social Media Management

Websites, blogs and social media platforms aren’t going anywhere. For all businesses, having an online presence is a necessity, in both the present and the future.

Developing your business’ brand identity across different social media platforms is advertising. Free advertising. It’s an opportunity to tell your brand’s story and shout about its success.

How it Works

I’ll immerse myself fully in your business; learn quickly what you want to project to your customers and speak as the voice of your brand, through carefully considered, engaging content.

  • Social Media Management London
    Step 1

    With social media, one size never suits all. You get in touch. We’ll have a consultation. 
    Some businesses thrive with prettiness on Pinterest. Others are naturally designated drivers of influence on Twitter and LinkedIn. Whatever your business area, I’ll design a content strategy which will use social media platforms that are targeting the right consumers and are best suited to developing interest in your products and services.

  • Social Media Manager
    Step 2

    I’ll start from scratch or have fun with a facelift. 
    If necessary, I’ll do a social media makeover on each of your agreed platforms. This will include images, text and profile enhancements in accordance with your branding. If we’re starting from scratch, I’ll set up your business accounts, personalise them and brand them fully in line with your company logo and colour scheme. I’ll write you a profile and then get cracking on the content.

  • Social Media Management
    Step 3

    It’s a complete care package for your business.
    I’ll post or update online content daily, find followers, follow accounts, join the conversation with other online users and respond to posts on behalf of your business.

  • Social Media Marketing London
    Step 4

    Timing is everything. 
    It’s not just about the quality of what I’m saying on your behalf, it’s also when I’m delivering it. When it comes to social media, I’m a complete clock-watcher. I use analytics to keep me informed of what’s working and monitor the effectiveness of your social content around the clock. I review the results and adjust my approach accordingly, ensuring that your brand is reaching the right people at the right time.

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