How to improve customer experience: in minutes

For small businesses, social media platforms can still sometimes be dismissed as unimportant and not worth engaging in. That particular viewpoint only takes them at face value – as a group of online platforms created for people to put forward their opinions for the world to read. It also still leaves some small business owners asking, “where is the value in that for my company?” If you’re one of those people, here’s one thing I think you should be considering – that often gets totally overlooked:

Twitter as a Customer Service Platform-Lucy Lettersmith

Social media platforms, and Twitter in particular, allow you to connect directly with your customer base. They also gives you the opportunity to both expand and enhance the reputation of your brand. Twitter is a communication method that has the fewest obstacles between you and your customers; there is no need to pass through a switchboard or press 1 to speak to a particular department. It is an instant communication channel, which makes it an ideal candidate to form part of your customer services.

Just look at some of the major brands out there that already use it to its best effect: ASOS, in the retail sector, and London Midland, in transport, are both shining examples of companies making the most of Twitter to provide a great customer service experience and to deal with any issues swiftly.

This approach works for these companies on two levels. Firstly, it genuinely improves customer experience, which is of course more likely to encourage repeat business because of the ease of contact and speed of resolution. It also shows the wider online community that they are proactive in dealing with issues, painting them in a good light and helping make them brands that customers are more likely to trust.

If this Twitter approach works for major companies like these two, and many others like them, you can be sure that it will for small business too. Commitment to great customer experience and proactivity in dealing with problems are universal positives that will work in favour of any business, regardless of size.

In the modern marketplace, where even the smallest of businesses are dealing with customers from all over the world, Twitter is a perfect tool that reaches every area of the globe and allows you to be available to both existing and potential customers at any time, no matter where they may be. It can really help you keep the wheels of your business turning.

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